Looking Ahead: 7 Reasons to Consider Funeral Pre-Planning

In 2017, the National Funeral Directors Association found that while 62% of people expressed the importance of making their wishes known regarding their funeral, only 21% actually did so.

If you fall somewhere in these numbers, you may want to consider the benefits of funeral pre-planning.

While it may feel a little bit strange to make your own funeral arrangements, think of it the way you would any other event. How often do we plan large events in a matter of days and under a great deal of stress?

Read on for seven reasons why you should treat the final celebration of your life with respect and care by pre-planning your funeral.

1. Spend Money Wisely

In 2014, the median funeral cost was $7,181, a 28.6% increase from 2004. Funeral costs increase steadily each year, which means that you may pay less for it now than your family would around the time of your passing.

On top of that, many funeral homes offer a discounted package for pre-planned funerals while also allowing you to pay off your expenses in monthly installments.

2. Lighten Emotional Turmoil

Once a family member has passed, the remaining members have a small window of time to make final funeral arrangements. If nothing has been pre-planned, that’s a lot of responsibility to take on, especially when you’re bereaved.

Funerals are important for the loved ones we leave behind. They offer a platform for emotional expression and a chance to say goodbye, which can help the grieving process.

Funeral pre-planning will allow your loved ones to focus on what is important, which is the celebration of your life and the acceptance of your passing. The burden of last-minute funeral planning creates distractions and undue stress.

3. Find Your Perfect Location

Some families have had their plots picked out for generations, while some have never given much thought to their ideal final resting place.

Funeral pre-planning allows you to take time and decide on a location. Plus, it gives you a chance to look around in the region you wish to be laid to rest, rather than forcing a family member to make a hasty decision.

4. Ensure Your Final Wishes are Granted

Even if you have put your personal wishes regarding your funeral into writing, your family may not be obligated to follow them. The legal right to make or change decisions about someone else’s funeral varies state by state and you may not be protected by law.

Chances are, your family members would only deviate from your wishes if they were unable to afford them or execute them in time. Funeral pre-planning takes away the question of whether or not they should follow your wishes since everything is already planned out and paid for.

5. Take Time for Details

As we mentioned earlier, there may not be a lot of time for your family to plan your funeral. Under the pressure of a time limit, aesthetic details may be given less consideration.

When you take advantage of funeral pre-planning, you have the option to make decisions about your casket and dressing. Your family may have to finalize details such as floral arrangements, catering, and music. However, with the bigger details out of the way, it will be much easier for them to make the final touches as you have requested.

6. Lift Your Family’s Financial Burden

Perhaps you are concerned about placing the financial burden of your funeral on your family. If this is the case, funeral pre-planning is a great way to alleviate their potential financial stress.

Of course, you have the option of setting aside the money to cover your funeral expenses when the time comes. However, this will require you to put that money in a family member’s name so that they can both access it and ensure that it goes to the intended parties. The process of legally transferring this money into someone else’s name can take weeks or even months, leaving your family to cover the expenses in the meantime.

7. Get to Know Your Funeral Director

It can provide a great deal of peace of mind to know that your family is in good hands. Funeral pre-planning creates the opportunity for you to get to know your funeral director ahead of time over a series of phone calls and meetings.

You can choose to bring along some of your family for these meetings or simply take the time to get to buy cheap phentermine pills know your funeral director yourself. Either way, you are giving your funeral director the opportunity to get to know you and understand what you want from your service.

Funeral directors do their best to make each funeral personal and authentic. The better they know you, the more they can make your funeral a truly unique celebration of your life.

The Pros of Funeral Pre-Planning Outweigh the Cons

It’s a fact of life that each and every one of us will require some type of arrangement after we have passed. For that reason, there really are no cons to funeral pre-planning. Take matters into your own hands and set your loved ones up for a beautiful, meaningful service.

We would love to sit down with you and discuss the ways that we can put together a funeral that will do your life justice. If you are interested in discussing our funeral pre-planning package or have any questions about our services, contact us today.