Where to Hold the Funeral Ceremony: Funeral Chapel, Place of Worship, Another Place?

One of the hardest jobs a family has to do is prepare the funeral ceremony of a loved one. If a death is sudden it can be a heavy burden. As we become a more progressive society, people are starting to plan and pay for their own services.

They plan everything from color schemes, burial attire, flowers, funeral home, and location for the service. Some even go so far as to purchase their own casket or urn, and their burial plot and headstone.

Not only does funeral pre-planning relieve stress caused by their passing, but it also ensures the deceased is remembered on their own terms.

Planning one’s own funeral ceremony is not the only trend. Where the service is held and the type of service is also changing.

There was a time when it was very important for a funeral to be held at a church. If the person had no church affiliation the service was held at the funeral home. Today, it can be anywhere that holds significance to the deceased.

Keep reading for places people are holding viewings and funerals.

A Funeral Ceremony Should Reflect the Life of the Person Who Has Transitioned

The eulogy is the centerpiece of the funeral ceremony. Eulogies are usually performed by a minister or layperson. The service follows a general format that also includes songs, scriptures, prayers, and reflections.

Too often, when a person passes without instructions, the family plans a service to honor their life and legacy through their own eyes. The service ends up not being a reflection of the person being remembered, which can lead to family squabbles.

It is important to have a service that is about your loved one. Select their favorite songs, poems, and scriptures. Do not have a speaker they’ve never met, and do not bury them in clothes, make-up or hairstyles, they wouldn’t choose while alive.

Last, ensure the people chosen to speak as a Christian, friend or relative, are people they liked and would have selected if given the opportunity.

Funerals Do Not Have to Take Place at a Church

Viewings and funerals are two separate occasions. A viewing is a time prior to the funeral where the body lies in state and people can come and get a final glance. They can take place an hour before the service while the guest awaits the arrival of the family.

In some cultures, funeral visitation is held the day before and lasts about four hours. There may be a brief service during the final hour of the viewing, which is attended by the immediate family. In southern traditions, this is also referred to as the wake.

When it comes to the funeral ceremony, it is not required to have it at a church. it’s important if your loved one was an active member of a religious center. If not, ask yourself, is it something they would want.

Funeral homes have chapels and services can take place there. If the body is being cremated, the family may want to forgo a traditional service altogether.

Opting to do a celebration of life or memorial service gives the family more flexibility in the service format. Keep in mind, not all locations or facilities will grant permission to have a casket present. This will make the viewing at the funeral home more significant.

Find a Location With Sentimental Significance

Once you decide against a traditional church funeral service, you’ll need to find a location. Once again, relevance to the deceased needs to be considered.

When a student-athlete passes we often hear about a memorial service at the school gymnasium or athletic field. These locations are chosen because it reflects what they loved doing.

A person who loved the beach would like for friends to gather near the water and experience the peace and tranquility.

Other options include a service at a park where a tree is planted in memory of. Loved ones that were public figures may require a larger facility for their service. In this instance, an arena or performing arts center is the preferred choice.

Destination Funerals

It may sound strange to speak about a destination funeral. People that are adventurous and travel the world view their afterlife differently. Oftentimes they will make the request to have their body cremated and ashes spread in a specific location.

They do not want a sad somber occasion or people mourning over them that they barely know. Instead, they want close family and friends to gather and celebrate their life.

Travel to their favorite vacation spot and charter a boat to spread their ashes in the ocean. Take off to the mountains or a ski lodge and spread the ashes on their favorite trail.

Keep in mind, in the U.S. you will need to notify the EPA before scattering ashes.

Gravesite Services Are All Some People Want

There are several reasons why someone would have a graveside service. This is when the family forgoes a funeral and opt for a small private burial at the cemetery. The service includes a minister saying a few words, a song, and some other symbolic gesture, like doves being released.

Graveside services are common among people with little to no next of kin. A person who was very private in life may choose this type of service as well. In cases where a baby passes away and the family wants a memorial service, this is a way to honor their life.

Have the Talk with Your Family

Discussing our final wishes is never an easy conversation but it is a necessary one. By letting your loved ones know what you desire can help avoid arguments and hard feelings. You get to make the final decisions and your family is legally obligated to abide by what you wanted.

The are many parts and options when it comes to a funeral ceremony. We are here to assist you in finalizing the arrangements.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.