Welcome To San Diego’s Garden Sanctuary,
Mortuary, Funeral Home, And Memorial Park.

Family-Owned And Run With Warmth And Compassion.

Whether you have an immediate need for a loved one’s final resting place, or simply considering pre-planning funeral services in San Diego. Our professional staff can walk you through the entire funeral process and give you a sense of reassurance about making the choices involved. Because La Vista Memorial Park is family owned and operated, we provide a personal and empathetic touch. You can expect more from La Vista Memorial Park: MORE VALUE, MORE SERVICE, and most importantly, MORE CARING AND TRUST. We honor every family’s trust at our beautiful cemetery, memorial park, and funeral home, and realize honoring a loved one involves the most personal and individual decisions most families ever take. Please take note of our mortuary services, cemetery options, and funeral arrangements and planning.

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Let The Healing Process Begin With La Vista.
We’re Not Just Family Owned. We’re Family.

Planning at the time of loss can be an emotionally demanding time but La Vista Memorial will be your guiding hand every step of the way. Planning the service Commemorating ...

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Elderly Couple on Field

When Any Member Of Your Family Rests At La Vista,
You Become Part Of Our Family Too.

One Of The Best Funeral Homes When making arrangements for yourself or a loved one who has recently passed away or considering advanced planning. Whether you are considering burial or ...

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Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy.
Let Us Be Your Ear, Your Shoulder And Your Hand To Hold.

We’ll take care of your loved one from beginning to end. For those who prefer San Diego cremations, each one comes with a personalized service that brings together family and ...

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Show Your Love To Someone Who Meant So Much To You,
By Dedicating Them To A Special Place... A Sanctuary On The Top Of The Hill.

La Vista Memorial is proud to be the most affordable San Diego memorial park that has worked hard to be the best. Cremations Niches, Benches, Ossuary Traditional Ground Memory Lawn, ...

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Relieve Your Loved Ones Of Unnecessary Burdens.
And Tell Your Story The Way It Was Meant To Be Told.

“Knowing that your loved ones will never be forced to worry about payment while dealing with their loss, is priceless.” It Might Be Too Late To Think About The End,  ...

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They Have Given All. So We Give All.
Ask Us About Our Veteran Memorials.

Because La Vista Memorial Park serves more veterans than any other funeral service provider, we are sensitive to veterans’ needs, including understanding and obtaining the burial benefits they’ve earned through ...

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American Flag For Veterans

Heaven Is A Little Closer From Atop Our Beautiful Cemetery Park.

Come Home To The Spiritual Sanctuary Of La Vista Memorial Cemetery.

If you're looking for the quintessential tribute for your loved one or yourself, La Vista Memorial Park and Mortuary is San Diego’s most pristine garden sanctuary and resting place that is family-owned and run with a personal touch and a caring hand, so you can be assured you and your family are giving the ultimate honor to a life that is deserving, now and for generations to come.

Helpful Funeral Planning Information & News

La Vista Memorial Park & Mortuary Can Guide You Through All Your Questions And Requests

Saying Your Final Goodbyes: The Top Funeral Planning Tips

funeral planning

More than 2.7 million people die in the U.S. every year, saying your final goodbyes and planning a funeral can be difficult. Although not everybody has a funeral at the time of their death, the vast majority of people do have some kind of funeral service. The funeral planning process can be very difficult on those families …

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5 Facts You Need to Know Before Choosing San Diego Funeral Homes

San Diego funeral homes

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. And with so many San Diego funeral homes, making arrangements for the funeral service can add even more emotional turmoil. If you take the time to learn what to ask about and look for in a mortuary, funeral home, and even memorial park, you can make …

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Putting Your Loved One to Rest? Here’s How to Choose the Right Funeral Home

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There about 2.7 million burials annually in the US. Losing someone we love is one of the most difficult and painful experiences any of us will ever have to go through. Regardless of the types of arrangements you make,  choosing the right funeral home is very important. Parlors are not all the same. As such, you need …

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  • I am comforted knowing my family will not have to make these decisions on their own...
    "I only wish I had taken care of my preplanning arrangements earlier... it was so easy and I am comforted knowing my family will not have to make these decisions on their own."

    — Jim (El Cajon, CA)

  • The team at La Vista helped us through a very difficult time...
    "We didn't know where to start when faced with an unexpected loss in our family. The team at La Vista helped us through a very difficult time and we are so pleased with the choices we made. Only after comparing our experiences with others did we realize what a value La Vista provides."

    — Marie (La Jolla, CA)

  • Este parque cementerio lo tiene todo...
    "Cuenta con una vista del mar hacia el Este y con una vista espectacular de las montañas al Oeste y al Sur. Este parque cementerio lo tiene todo."

    — Louise (La Mesa, CA)

  • El equipo de profesionales de La Vista nos ayudo durante estos momentos tan difíciles...
    "No sabíamos por donde empezar a buscar cuando nos enfrentamos con la perdida inesperada de un familiar. El equipo de profesionales de La Vista nos ayudo durante estos momentos tan difíciles y estamos muy satisfechos con las decisiones que tomamos y fue cuando comparamos con otras personas las experiencias que tuvieron en este tipo de situación que nos dimos cuenta del empeño que pone La Vista."

    — Marie ( La Jolla, CA)

  • The South Bay is fortunate to have business leaders like La Vista...
    "Who thinks of a cemetery as a key center of a community’s cultural life? Probably no one-unless they know about La Vista. Their efforts to preserve the region’s history; to reach out to military veterans, young and old, and honor their service; and to carry on a proud Mexican tradition with an annual Dia de los Muertos celebration for the entire community. … all set La Vista apart. The South Bay is fortunate to have business leaders like La Vista who appreciate the importance of community service."

    — Charles Reilly (San Diego)

  • This park has it all...
    "Ocean views to the West, spectacular mountain views to the East and South. This park has it all."

    — Louise (La Mesa, CA)

  • me siento en paz sabiendo que mi familia no tendrá que tomar este tipo de decisiones...
    "Como me hubiera gustado haber tomado la decisión de hacer arreglos previos antes...fue tan fácil y me siento en paz sabiendo que mi familia no tendrá que tomar este tipo de decisiones."

    — Jim (El Cajon, CA)

  • An integral part of the fabric of our community...
    "For over a century La Vista Memorial Park was always considered just a cemetery, but now it has become an integral part of the fabric of our community. It has become the place where we all can come to celebrate, individually and as a community, loved ones both present and departed. The Memorial Day and Dia de los Muertos celebrations are indeed highlights that are among those things that have transformed a community necessity into a wonderful community asset!"

    — The Honorable Ron Morrison (National City)

  • Their compassion and generosity made our last moments with our loved ones feel beautiful...
    "My grandfather, father and sister are all laid to rest at La Vista Memorial Park. It is during life’s most difficult times that we must rely on others who have knowledge to help. In my personal experience La Vista has constantly went above and beyond the limits with their superior and excellent service, their compassion and generosity made our last moments with our loved ones feel beautiful. There are no words to express our sincere gratitude during one of the lowest times in our lives. The caring and compassion they showed helped to ease the pain of the entire funeral decision making process each time."

    — Josie Clark (Bonita, CA)

  • I’m deeply grateful for every little detail La Vista took to make our experience in my dad’s final send off perfect...
    "We never want to talk about death but it is most certainly something we will face sooner or later. Luckily my parents are of a different mind-set and had taken care of all the final arrangements down the minimal of details, so there was no stress on the days following my dad’s passing. I had just returned home to Texas a few days prior to his passing. La Vista staff contacted me and asked if I would like to use their Hacienda Hall for a family private viewing of my father. At first I was unsure. They suggested I sleep on it. The next day, I said yes. It is a time that I will cherish forever. My husband and I got to visit with my dad one final time before his mass the following day. The Hacienda Hall was absolutely beautiful, cozy, even heavenly, not sad or cold and impersonal like your average funeral viewing rooms. They facilitated a very special final good-by with my dad whom I love dearly. I’m deeply grateful for every little detail La Vista took to make our experience in my dad’s final send off perfect. Thank you for doing what you do."

    — Valerie Juarez (Pair, Texas)

  • It is a pleasure to work hand in hand in a united effort to showcase the founding Kimball family and the history since 1868...
    "Lady Janice Martinelli and National City Historical Society are eternally grateful to La Vista Memorial Park for their dedication to Historic Preservation. “It is a pleasure to work hand in hand in a united effort to showcase the founding Kimball family and the history since 1868”."

    — Lady Janice Martinelli (President of the National City Historical Society)

  • Con la ayuda de mis nuevos amigos en La Vista pude realizar este deseo....
    "Yo deseaba darle a mi familia algo muy especial y eterno... Y con la ayuda de mis nuevos amigos en La Vista pude realizar este deseo."

    — Greg (San Diego, CA)

  • We recommend others to pre-plan their burial arrangements...
    "We recommend others to pre-plan their burial arrangements. My husband and I have been talking about pre-planning our funeral and burial so our son doesn't have this burden on his shoulder. Through experience, it is very hard on the surviving family members. The hurt is tremendous."

    — The Nichols Family

  • My new friends at La Vista made it happen...
    "I wanted to give my family something special and eternal... My new friends at La Vista made it happen."

    — Greg (San Diego, CA)


The Best Full-Service Mortuary San Diego Offers

If you’re trying to decide which cemetery in San Diego to bury your loved one, or which San Diego memorial park to make pre-arrangements, look no further than La Vista Memorial Park and Mortuary. We’re the oldest and only, privately owned cemetery in San Diego, Ca. Owned and operated by two wonderful women, they have taken a one hundred and fifty year-old cemetery and restored it into a beautiful sanctuary. Each week La Vista is becoming more and more beautiful, updated, and special.

There is a standard at La Vista that supersedes other San Diego mortuaries. First it’s the caring nature of all the staff. They understand what families are going through and how to help. They understand you have choices and that we are not the only San Diego memorial park. If you are searching for a “cemetery near me”, we realize other options come up in your search, however, we want to assure you we have the most hands on approach to customer service and funeral planning.

Did you know our La Vista mortuary, has ocean views? From our beautiful hilltop we have cemetery options facing the water. Very unique to have a cemetery in San Diego that overlooks the water. We recommend searching on Google or Bing for a “cemetery in San Diego Ca”, a “cemetery near me” or a “mortuary near me” to see if they have ocean views. They are usually corporate San Diego mortuaries without the special touch of personalization you would get with La Vista mortuary and memorial park.

If you want the best mortuary San Diego offers, or the best San Diego cemetery, then give us a call and we will schedule a tour to show you our beautiful sanctuary. We’re super proud of our beautiful park and we’re often regarded as one of the finest full-service San Diego mortuaries available.