What Can You Do With Ashes From Cremation?

When a loved one passes away, we must make the difficult decision of disposition. Cremation offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burials. Some families may also choose this method as it can cost over a third less than the alternative.

Burying a loved one maps a clear plan on where they will rest. But, cremation leaves a lot of room for discussion.

What can you do with the ashes from cremation? Continue reading to learn more about your options for saving your loved one’s ashes.

Columbarium Burial

Choosing cremation does not take away the opportunity to keep your loved one’s remains at the cemetery. When you choose a columbarium burial, you can ensure that families rest safely together.

This structure will house cremated remains. The structure will hold the remains indoors or outdoors on a shelf. While some structures look very decorative, others appear simple.

Urn for Ashes

Many people choose an urn to hold the ashes of their loved ones. An urn may look like a tall, rounded vase.

Or, it may take on other shapes and be made of a number of materials. For instance, you may find wooden shapes, glass cubes, golden vases, etc. What you plan to do with the urn may determine how much you will spend on it and what it might look like. 

A simple urn will do if you only plan to bury it in a family plot or keep it tucked away in a closet. You may opt for something much nicer to go into the columbarium or to sit on display in your home.

At Home: What Can You Do with Ashes From Cremation?

You may not know where to store your urn once you bring it home. Many people place it in the living room or family room above a hearth. This keeps your loved one in a central location where the beautiful urn doubles as a piece of art.

If your spouse passes away, you may opt to keep them close to you by storing your urn on a nightstand or dresser. After the loss of a child, a family may choose to memorialize their room by keeping it as their little one left it. In this instance, you may place the urn somewhere among their favorite Earthly possessions.

The garden can also make a lovely space to keep an urn with your loved one’s remains. Set it amidst a flower bed or beneath a pruned bush.

Despite where you store the urn, keep in mind the safety of your vessel. Placing it in a high traffic area where it may get knocked over can lead to shock and grief. Be mindful about placement and make all members of the family aware that they should remain vigilant near the urn.

Cremation Jewelry

For some, wearing their loved one as jewelry will keep them close. You can choose from necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

One type of cremation jewelry, simply holds a bit of ashes in a small compartment. You can send the ashes or purchase the piece and put it in yourself. Since this only uses a small portion of the remains, multiple loved ones may have their own unique cremation jewelry pieces made.

Another type requires a little more money and effort. With a scientific process using high heat, they can actually turn your loved ones ashes into a beautiful cremation diamond that you can wear.

Memorial Plants

Many find beauty in the paradox of life growing from death. To allow your loved one to harbor life, plant something with their ashes.

Do not actually attempt to do this on your own. Human remains contain a number of nutrients along with toxic elements as well. Trying to grow something that fails to sport may lead to further grief.

Find a reputable company that will properly plant something that will grow. You can opt for a tree that will go in your yard. Or, you may choose a plant the you keep at a burial plot an attend to.

Scattering Ashes

Freedom offers us the opportunity of complete peace. Some people choose to free the ashes of their loved ones rather than holding onto the remains in an urn.

You can personalize this or include other family and friends. Making it ceremonial can feel very healing and complete the process of letting go after their funeral or memorial service.

You may want to make a number of considerations when choosing where to scatter the ashes.

Final Wishes

Did your loved one specify where they would like their remains left after they pass? If so, honor this for them. It gives the family the opportunity to do one more kind gesture for the soul of the dearly departed.

Favorite Area

If your loved one never said where they would want their remains, choosing a favorite place can make this easier. Maybe leave it in a lake they used to swim in or a forest that they loved to hike. This makes the gesture of your loved one remaining in the place they most loved to spend time.

Unvisited Place

Did your loved one long to visit someplace wild or exotic? Maybe just a little far from home? If they left this world before getting the opportunity to travel, then you can bring them there to finally rest.

Symbolic Space

Searching for symbolism in where their ashes rest can help the grieving process along. Maybe you want to lay their ashes on a bed on newly bloomed forget-me-nots. Or possibly you want to send them into a river, for spiritual symbolism of renewal.

Your Choice Matters

What can you do with ashes from cremation?

So many options exist. But you need to do what feels right for you and your family.

This choice should help bring you comfort and peace. Do what makes your loved one feel close or feel free, depending on what you value most.

We know how important their life was to you, so let’s lay them to rest with dignity and grace. We will help you make arrangements and navigate this difficult time. Contact us to start planning.