These Are the Common Benefits of Cremation

Losing someone you love is hard. What makes it more difficult is all the funeral arrangements you have to make. Nobody should have to go through that kind of stress when they’re grieving.

That’s why cremation has become more and more popular. It allows for a little flexibility when planning the funeral service. This flexibility prevents the family from getting quite as overwhelmed by everything.

The benefits of cremation don’t stop there. There are many other factors that people don’t consider.

Read this guide to find out what these factors are before you become set on buying a casket for your loved one.

It’s the Cheaper Option 

Between securing the burial plot, casket, and tombstone, you’ll be out thousands upon thousands of dollars. You can get away with getting a beautiful urn for a few hundred. 

You’ll still pay quite a bit to have the cremation done but it’s not as expensive as traditional burials. You can use the money you save to have a nice memorial for your loved one later. 


One of the reasons why burials are so expensive is plot availability. Instead of having to find a remaining plot at the cemetery and paying an expensive premium, many people opt for cremation. 

You can take the urn wherever you want and many cemeteries have cremation gardens. It’s a scattering place where the ashes can be placed. Friends and family members will be able to visit the gardens the same as going to a gravesite. 

Cremation is Better for the Environment 

When a person is embalmed, tons of hazardous chemicals are used. These chemicals end up back in the environment and contribute to pollution. If your loved one was environmentally-conscious, that might not be something that they’d want. 

The cremation environmental impact isn’t as bad because chemicals aren’t used. We will say that traditional cremation still releases some emissions into the air. With advances in technology, there are green cremation options available if that’s something that concerns you. 

It’s Easier 

When planning a burial, you’ll have to make service arrangements as well. Doing both can be a bit much when you’re also going through the grieving process. Getting cremated is a little bit easier because you can hold a memorial service instead. 

After the cremation is done, you can take a little time to grieve before you even think about holding the memorial. It can be months later if you really want.

It’s convenient if you have family members or friends who live states away. It gives them time to ask for days off work and make travel arrangements. 

Religions Aren’t as Strict as You Think

For a long time, the reason why many people strayed away from doing cremation is that they believed it was against their religion. Most religions aren’t quite as strict as Lasix prices you may think, however. 

For example, Catholics believe that a person’s soul isn’t dependent on their body. This means that their soul isn’t damaged during the cremation process. 


Once someone is buried, that’s it. You leave flowers at their headstone and visit when you can. Cremation allows you to get more creative. You can scatter the ashes at a location that they loved. 

You could make cremation jewelry that you can take everywhere with you or plant a tree. You can also divide up the ashes and send them home with loved ones. 

Cremation Jewelry 

Being able to remember your loved one is no longer limited to keeping their urns on your fireplace mantle. You can carry them everywhere with you by having memorial jewelry made. 

It’s a piece of jewelry that has a small inner chamber that can hold a pinch of ashes. You can keep them close to your heart by getting a necklace. There are rings and bracelets available as well. 

Divide the Ashes

Cremation urns come in all shapes and sizes. This includes smaller keepsake urns that will allow you to divide up the ashes. Several family members will have part of the deceased that they can take home with them. 

If you’re planning on scattering your loved one’s ashes, keepsake urns will allow everyone to participate in the event. You can keep some of the ashes in a smaller urn and scatter the rest as well. 

Plant a Tree 

Was the deceased passionate about the planet? Go for a green burial option by getting a biodegradable urn. A beautiful tree will sprout out of the ground. 

It gives a physical place to go when you’re missing your loved one and it’s honestly just a beautiful tribute to a person’s life. 

Urns are Portable 

If you’re moving to another state, you may have to take a plane home to go to a gravesite. Urns are portable. You can pack them up and take them on the road with you. 

If you don’t like the urn on the mantle, you can pick it up and move it to a side table. Going on vacation and want to take your loved one with you? Take the turn to the vacation home. 

If your loved one’s final wish before they died was to see the world, you can grant it by putting the urn in a camper and heading out. 

Benefits of Cremation You May Not Know About 

It’s hard to make burial arrangements and go through the grieving process at the same time. That’s why many are turning to cremation. It’s a lot cheaper and you can use the money you save to plan a beautiful memorial service. 

As you can see, there are countless benefits of cremation. Contact us today to make arrangements and find out more about our services.