Putting Your Loved One to Rest? Here’s How to Choose the Right Funeral Home

funeral home

There about 2.7 million burials annually in the US.

Losing someone we love is one of the most difficult and painful experiences any of us will ever have to go through. Regardless of the types of arrangements you make,  choosing the right funeral home is very important.

Parlors are not all the same. As such, you need to know how to make the best selection to give your loved one a befitting send-off. Consider the following points when looking for a burial parlor.


When it is time to prepare to say goodbye to your loved one, the location of the last rites parlor bears some importance.

The people who will bid farewell to your loved one might be coming from different corners of the country. It is therefore vital to pick a location that will offer the most convenience.

Do not worry about getting it completely right. You will probably not choose the perfect location for everyone.

However, you should take into consideration where most of those attending the funeral will be coming from. The parlor that provides the most convenient location is ideal.

Another factor in helping you pick the most suitable location is the parlor’s familiarity with the locality. If you select one that has operated for long in the area, it can ease the process.

The staff there will be able to navigate the various offices where the paperwork needs to pass through before the ceremony. Such skill will help you make the planning smoother.

Transparency of Its Descriptions and Costs

A last rites parlor that is open about the costs and the descriptions it gives is one that can be depended upon in your time of need.

For those who may not be aware, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) set out the funeral rule to help protect those seeking burial services. When people are under pressure to make decisions during grief, they are prone to exploitation.

The FTC recognizes this and sets out regulation which stipulates that:

  • Customers have the right to be given a general price list by the parlor upon their request for information on burial arrangements.
  • The parlor must disclose, on the general price list, any item that is a requirement of local or state law (with reference to the specific legislation).
  • The parlor should inform the customer, on the general price list, that they have a right to choose whatever services and goods they want (apart from a few exceptions).
  • The parlor must offer different containers if a customer chooses cremation.
  • The parlor may not refuse, or charge, a handling fee for a casket bought somewhere else.

A suitable last rites parlor will not shy away from giving a general price list of their goods and services. They will seek to adhere to the FTC’s regulations and not try to push you into a sale.

Check out Their Grief Support Services

A good burial parlor will offer services that extend beyond the actual burial or memorial services to help you wade through your loss.

Look for a parlor that offers grief counseling services. Such a difficult time can place a heavy weight on the shoulder of friends and family of the deceased. Talking to a professional can provide a useful coping mechanism.

Some parlors offer commemorative events to help memorialize the life of a loved one. These events provide a useful place to meet with others who have (or are) going through the same thing you are.

Interacting with others in similar circumstances can provide a community to help you through the pain of grief.

Look into the Reputation of the Funeral Home

The reputation of a last rites parlor, just like with any other type of business, is essential. Identifying what a parlor is best known for will help you predict the kind of service you might receive.

To unearth the track record of a particular parlor you want to ask your friends and family for their experience there. If any of them procured their funeral services in the past, you would have an accurate look into how they might treat you.

If need be, expand your search to the internet. Read up on any customer reviews to find out what they liked or did not like about the parlor.

Pay particular attention to the kind of customer service they received. Was it provided when needed without delay?

Did the parlor’s team address the needs of past customers in a supportive manner seeing it was a difficult period for them?

Only a last rites parlor with a dependable track record will help you during your time of grief without exacerbating the pain.

Does It Cater to Your Religious or Cultural Beliefs?

Diversity in America is a cornerstone theme in various business environments. Burial parlors providing services geared towards funerals are not exempt from this.

Due to the different races and religions in the country, there are as many religious and cultural ways to bury loved ones.

A last rites parlor worth its weight needs to cater to these different needs during a difficult time in the lives of its customers.

Look for a burial service provider that will cater to your religious or cultural beliefs concerning giving your loved one a send-off.

The same values and beliefs that influenced the life of your loved one ought to be part of their burial as well.

Saying Goodbye

The loss of someone we love is a painful experience everyone will go through at one point in life. For you to say goodbye to your loved one in the best way possible, you need to select the most suitable funeral home.

La Vista Memorial Park understands that the last goodbye has to be one in which you give your all. Get in touch with us today to find out how you can befittingly lay your loved one to rest and honor their memory.