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And The Memories Seldom Fade. Welcome To La Vista.

We have worked with every mortuary in San Diego County and often assist out-of-area families in coordinating local burial arrangements for their loved ones. Our commitment to service and detail has earned us the trust of families of all faiths throughout San Diego. San Diego families know they can expect more from La Vista Memorial Park, and we work daily to meet to exceed those expectations.

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Let The Healing Process Begin With La Vista.
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Planning at the time of loss can be an emotionally demanding time but La Vista Memorial will be your guiding hand every step of the way.

  • Planning the service
    Commemorating together can be a cathartic process. We offer many ways to memorialise your loved ones, such as a viewing in our elegant gathering room or a graveside funeral on our expansive grounds.
  • Deciding the details
    No detail is forgotten or too small. Together we will pick out everything from the right seating to beautiful bouquets
  • Selecting a vesselThere are a wide variety of vessels we offer. We will guide you to the best choice that fits your loved ones final resting place.
  • Where the final resting place will beFrom this point we can tour the grounds and choose the best resting place for your loved one. We offer everything from ocean facing ground burials to family estates

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When Any Member Of Your Family Rests At La Vista,
You Become Part Of Our Family Too.

When making arrangements for yourself or a loved one who has recently passed away or considering advanced planning. Whether you are considering burial or cremation, your choice to celebrate that life influences the funeral service you’re likely to have, and the cemetery property available to you, and we will guide through our options.

Funeral Options

Whether you choose traditional burial or cremation, we offer a variety of options and pricing to suit your needs. Regardless of the size or type of services you plan for, we provide many settings to choose from. To celebrate the life of a loved one we offer funeral services, memorial services, viewings, receptions, and more.

Cremation Options

We’ll take care of your loved one from beginning to end, we will guide you and your family through this difficult time, with love and compassion. For those who prefer cremation, each one comes with a personalized service that brings together family and friends for a proper goodbye.

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Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy.
Let Us Be Your Ear, Your Shoulder And Your Hand To Hold.

We’ll take care of your loved one from beginning to end. For those who prefer cremations, each one comes with a personalized service that brings together family and friends for a proper goodbye.

  • Direct Cremation (Basic)
  • Cremation With Viewing (Heritage)
  • Cremation With Viewing & Service (Elegant)

We will handle all the cremation arrangements with love and compassion. We will guide you through each step of the process and communicate with you about your loved one.

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Show Your Love To Someone Who Meant So Much To You,
By Dedicating Them To A Special Place... A Sanctuary On The Top Of The Hill.

La Vista Memorial is proud to be the most affordable memorial park that has worked hard to be the best.

  • Cremations
    Niches, Benches, Ossuary
  • Traditional Ground
    Memory Lawn, Emerald Terrace, Freedom Lawn, Sunrise Garden, Eternal Peace, Ascension Lawn, Vista Knoll
  • Above Ground Crypts/Mausoleum
    Single Crypt and 1 Cremation
    Mausoleum of Eternal Peace, Private
  • Private Ocean View Gardens
    Double Depth Space (2 Traditional Burials)
    Heritage Row, Vista del Lago, Sampaguita, Pacific View, Court of Light
  • Distinguished Burial Estates—Custom
    Semi-Private, Family Estates
  • Headstones
  • Outer Burial Container/Vault

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Relieve Your Loved Ones Of Unnecessary Burdens.
And Tell Your Story The Way It Was Meant To Be Told.

“Knowing that your loved ones will never be forced to worry about payment while dealing with their loss, is priceless.”
It Might Be Too Late To Think About The End, At The End.

  • Take the Burden Off Loved Ones
    Eliminate the burden and hardship one must go through while making cemetery arrangements at the time they are urgently needed. Having every decision made and prearranged makes the celebration of one’s life and legacy easier for your family.
  • Freeze Costs
    In times of financial uncertainty, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of these promotions at today’s prices. By making a contract, you freeze the price and protect your family in the future if prices are affected by inflation and higher costs of living!
  • Decisions Are Made Together
    In a calm and rational manner, you can make decisions about your estate and funeral arrangements – together. Advanced arrangements provide families the freedom and opportunity to decide and make arrangements while living.

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They Have Given All. So We Give All.
Ask Us About Our Veteran Memorials.

Because La Vista Memorial Park serves more veterans than any other funeral service provider, we are sensitive to veterans’ needs, including understanding and obtaining the burial benefits they’ve earned through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. La Vista Memorial Park providers take the responsibility of helping veterans receive the benefits they deserve.

  • La Vista Memorial Park works with various veterans organizations to assist in the provision of military funeral honors.
  • Burial in a VA national cemetery includes: An assigned gravesite (when space is available), Opening and closing of the grave, A grave liner for casketed remains, A government headstone or marker, and Perpetual care at no cost to the family.
  • For your family’s convenience, la Vista Memorial Park will be glad to help request your flag. A flag is provided at no cost to drape the casket or accompany the urn of a deceased veteran.
  • Cremated remains are buried or inurned in VA national cemeteries in the same manner and with the same honors as casketed remains.
  • As part of our service to veterans, La Vista Memorial Park offers caskets and other merchandise at a discounted price to members of the American Legion and VFW.

For more information about veteran services and your VA burial benefits, contact us.

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We Make Final Wishes Come True.

Experience Comprehensive: We’ve been helping San Diegans since 1868. We are the 2nd oldest and the only privately owned cemetery in San Diego. We are also the only family-owned cemetery in San Diego.
Services Helpful & Caring: We make it simple for you. When your loved one passes we can handle everything from the first stages of planning to post funeral paperwork. You don’t need to go anywhere else.
Values & Integrity Everybody Is Welcome: We chose this business because we care and we want to ensure all families, regardless of faith, culture, and social status have the opportunity to a proper farewell.
Process Effortless: We try to make our process as effortless as possible for you. First, we listen to your needs, and then we will help you select the option that will best suit you and your family’s wishes.
Communication Frequent & Warm: Every family is attended by a dedicated staff member to ensure all questions and concerns are answered and addressed. We have supportive professionals that receive every family with warmth and compassion, and are ready to help you. We want you to feel like part of our own family and not just another number.
Flexibility We Go The Extra Mile: Because we are privately and family owned, carrying out your loved one's wishes and to accommodate your needs, can be handled easily. We aim to make all wishes come true.
Pricing The Most Affordable In The Industry: We work to ensure that every family has the opportunity to make arrangements regardless of their budget. Our goal is to fulfill your loved one’s wishes and we will work together to carry out those wishes, fitting it into your budget.
Our Family Dedicated To Yours: We are proud that our staff has been together for many, many years. We consider ourselves a close family, and our values are to show how much we care about your family with warmth, love, and consideration.
Passion To Serve You Are Our Priority Always: Everyone on our staff really cares, from our grounds crew to administrators, to our funeral and cemetery coordinators. We come to work every day to relieve your burdens and be of service to you through your difficult time.
  • We recommend others to pre-plan their burial arrangements...
    "We recommend others to pre-plan their burial arrangements. My husband and I have been talking about pre-planning our funeral and burial so our son doesn't have this burden on his shoulder. Through experience, it is very hard on the surviving family members. The hurt is tremendous."
    — The Nichols Family
  • My new friends at La Vista made it happen...
    "I wanted to give my family something special and eternal... My new friends at La Vista made it happen."
    — Greg (San Diego, CA)
  • I am comforted knowing my family will not have to make these decisions on their own...
    "I only wish I had taken care of my preplanning arrangements earlier... it was so easy and I am comforted knowing my family will not have to make these decisions on their own."
    — Jim (El Cajon, CA)
  • The team at La Vista helped us through a very difficult time...
    "We didn't know where to start when faced with an unexpected loss in our family. The team at La Vista helped us through a very difficult time and we are so pleased with the choices we made. Only after comparing our experiences with others did we realize what a value La Vista provides."
    — Marie (La Jolla, CA)
  • El equipo de profesionales de La Vista nos ayudo durante estos momentos tan difíciles...
    "No sabíamos por donde empezar a buscar cuando nos enfrentamos con la perdida inesperada de un familiar. El equipo de profesionales de La Vista nos ayudo durante estos momentos tan difíciles y estamos muy satisfechos con las decisiones que tomamos y fue cuando comparamos con otras personas las experiencias que tuvieron en este tipo de situación que nos dimos cuenta del empeño que pone La Vista."
    — Marie ( La Jolla, CA)