Funeral Preplanning: Is Preplanning a Funeral a Good Idea?

No one wants to think about their own funeral, but funeral preplanning is wise for all.

A survey by the National Funeral Directors Association found that although sixty-two and a half percent of consumers felt it was important to communicate their funeral plans and wishes to loved ones before their passing, only a little over twenty-one percent of those surveyed had actually done so.

If you haven’t begun planning your funeral already, you should start today.

There are many reasons why preplanning your funeral is a good idea. When a loved one passes, family members focus on the grief they are experiencing due to the loss. It’s smart to preplan your funeral so the people that you love will not have to make important decisions quickly when your time comes and they are grieving.

There are many other reasons why funeral preplanning is a good idea also including financial reasons and others. Read on to learn more about this important topic.

1. Personal Preferences

When you preplan your own funeral, you personally can make every decision about how you’d like to be laid to rest.

You can decide where you’d like to be buried or if you’d like to be cremated. You can choose the songs and readings you’d like at the service. You can contribute your own favorite photos or the wake. The choice of the funeral home is yours, as is the marker for your grave. You can decide if you’d like to have a small or large funeral and if you’d like your loved ones to come together for a separate celebration of life event.

If you spent time serving in the armed forces, you can indicate your desire for a military funeral service in your plans. If there are certain charities that mean a lot to you, you can make sure that attendees at your funeral service are aware of them so they, too, can donate.

Some people don’t want a funeral service at all. This is another choice that you could express during the funeral preplanning process.

All of these decisions will be yours. You will be able to enjoy peace of mind because you know that when your time comes, your wishes will be followed.

2. Financial Savings

People who preplan their funerals can save a lot of money. When emotional loved ones plan a funeral at the last minute, they may choose things for the burial or ceremony that you never would. When you preplan your own funeral, you can select the things you want and you can pay for them ahead of time so no one else is stuck with the bill, and any money you’re leaving anyone can be used by them for their own needs and desires.

Furthermore, the sooner you plan your funeral, the better. Once you commit to a plan, you can pay in full or pay in partial payments over time, but either way, you’ll lock in today’s prices – even if you’re around for several more decades into the future.

3. Self Reliance

You’ve always taken care of yourself and you’ve kept your affairs in order your whole life. Why not continue this trend? Your loved ones will appreciate it greatly if you take the time to plan ahead for your funeral. Not only will they not have to worry about experiencing a financial burden, but they won’t have to make decisions about your funeral either. They, too, will rest easier at night when they learn that everything has been planned ahead of time.

4. Plenty of Time

Even if you’re in perfect health right now, it’s smart to preplan your funeral. Why? Well, right now, you have plenty of time. If you’re not sure where you’d like to be buried or even if you’d like to be buried at all, you have plenty of time to consider the pros and cons of burial, cremation, and other options. You don’t have to make any snap decisions and you can be sure that your final decision is what you truly want. It’s better to think about these things now instead of later.

5. Keeping the Peace

If you have several children or a number of different individuals who will be involved in the planning of your funeral, preplanning your funeral can help to keep the peace among them. Since all of the important decisions will be made ahead of time, there will be nothing to argue or debate. Your wishes will be absolutely clear, and all anyone will have to do is to consult the plans you made ahead of time.

6. Make Things Easier for Your Loved Ones

Most importantly, preplanning your funeral will make things easier on those who you love most. No one wants to think about a recently deceased loved one’s plans and desires when they are emotionally responding to a recent loss. You want your family and friends to be able to mourn without any added stress. The experience of a loss is stressful enough. When funeral preplanning has occurred in advance, they can spend time grieving and focusing on comforting one another instead.

Funeral Preplanning Is the Right Thing to Do

Although it’s not something we like to think about much, everyone’s life eventually comes to an end. This is an unavoidable fact of life. That’s why it’s wise to engage in funeral preplanning sooner rather than later. You’ll rest easier at night knowing that this important task has been completed and will enjoy greater well-being in your remaining years as a result.

If you’re interested in preplanning funeral services, we would love to hear from you. We are excited to meet you and to help you with this task every step of the way. We’re always happy to answer your questions. Please give us a call today.