Funeral Plans: Is Preplanning a Funeral a Good Idea?

It’s true, that no one likes to think about their own demise. Yet, preplanning a funeral, is a great way to show kindness to those closes to you. It will take a huge weight off their minds when they are grieving your loss.

Preplanning a funeral can sound overwhelming. Many of us will only be involved in funerals once or twice in our lives, and may wonder where to start. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Journey with us as we take a closer look in our guide to preplanning a funeral.

Why Preplanning a Funeral Makes Sense

Most of us go through our lives priding ourselves on being self-reliant. Why should our funeral arrangements be any different?

Preplanning a funeral puts you in charge. You can pay your funeral costs ahead of time. And your family will know your personal decision and carry them out.

It allows you to personally choose a suitable burial plot or cremation niche. You can also choose your memorial; including the style and wording.

Shows Kindness for Those Left Behind

When a loved one passes, many people have the unenviable task of making funeral arrangements. This can be very difficult when we’re in an emotional state.

At this time, it’s easy for family members to feel overwhelmed with emotion. This could lead to overspending they later regret. You can spare your loved ones this experience by preplanning.

Another wonderful benefit is that your family does not have to guess what you would have wanted. This eliminates the possibility of disagreements or misunderstandings between family members.

Additionally, it spares your family an unnecessary financial burden. Once you have paid for your funeral package and plot, there will be no further expenses involved. By purchasing now, you are also protected against inflation.

How Does Preplanning a Funeral Work?

At first glance, it might seem like planning a funeral is fairly simple. Family and friends gather, someone says a few words, and then the mourners spend time comforting each other.

But there are actually many decisions to make so the funeral goes exactly how you want it.

First Step – Choose the Funeral Home

When you do pass, it will be such a relief for your children or other relatives to know which funeral home will take care of you. At that point, the grief will be very raw. At such a time, it’s easy for anyone to make a hasty decision.

Choosing your funeral home and preplanning a funeral with them takes that decision away from your loved ones. The funeral home will kindly handle the arrangements in accordance with your wishes. They will still involve your children or loved ones, but they’ll be guided by your wishes.

Over 60% of Americans know that preplanning a funeral is a good idea. But currently, only just over 20% have done so. Choose to be one of the ones who complete this important step.

Step Two – Choose a Burial Plot or Cremation Niche

Preplanning a funeral involves more than just thinking about the service. It also gives you an opportunity to choose a burial plot or cremation niche. You will have a chance to tour the funeral home and choose exactly where you would like to be laid to rest.

Many funeral homes have package deals. These allow you to either pay in full or spread the cost over several months. Double spaces are also available.

Choosing a burial plot or cremation niche ahead of time is a wise choice. It relieves your loved ones of the need to choose a spot. It also relieves them of any financial burdens at the time of your passing.

Some memorial parks afford beautiful settings. Think about your visitors after you are gone. Choosing a memorial park with beautiful views can make visiting an uplifting experience.

Step Three – Choose a Funeral Package

Choosing and prepaying for a funeral package makes great financial sense. It also shows a lot of consideration for your family.

Many funeral homes offer complete packages. These take care of all costs related to the funeral. They often include interest-free or low-interest financing options.

Packages include the following:

  • Funeral services
  • Preserving and embalming
  • Dressing and casketing
  • Visitation for friends and family
  • Transportation
  • Use of the hearse

Once you have selected your package and paid for it, you take a load off your mind. You can let your family know that everything is in order, and give them peace of mind as well.

Step Four – Plan the Funeral

When preplanning a funeral, you will be able to detail your wishes for the celebration of your life. Right down to the guest list, you have control over everything!

You can choose the theme, and any mementos you wish to provide for guests. You can decide on the music you would like to be played. And, you can choose the person you would like to speak at the service.

Questions to Ask When Preplanning a Funeral Service

It’s good to have a few questions in mind when you meet with the funeral home. They will also draw on their years of experience to help you with your decision-making.

Some questions to ask include:

  • Will you arrange an obituary?
  • What facilities for funeral services do you have?
  • What arrangements are there for live streaming my funeral?
  • Who can officiate?
  • What can I include in the order of service?
  • What facilities do you have for a post-funeral celebration of life?

Answering all of these questions and more will help to ensure that you get the funeral you want.

Preplanning is not only a good idea for funerals. If you expect that you will need palliative care, think about hospice questions to ask and discuss with your family. Thinking through hospice questions will help them to honor your wishes.

Choose La Vista Memorial Park and Mortuary

Preplanning a funeral is something many mean to do, but never get around to. Break the mold by making sure your funeral is well-planned. Doing so will ensure your wishes are carried out and reduce stress for your loved ones.

At La Vista Memorial Park and Mortuary, we are here to help you preplan your funeral. We are a family business, and our hearts are always with you. We want to make the process of taking care of all your funeral and burial arrangements as easy as possible.

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