Funeral Arrangements: 8 Ways to Personalize the Services

Losing a loved one is never easy but keeping their memory alive can help you through the grief process.

Grieving someone’s death is important and healthy so that you can acknowledge the loss and eventually find peace. While this will take time, there are things that you can do to help you heal. Part of saying goodbye to a loved one is going through a ritual that signifies our movement toward acceptance.

A funeral is a type of ritual that helps you grieve your loved one but also honor their memory. There are many creative ways that you can personalize funeral arrangements and create the perfect ritual ceremony.

Keep reading to learn eight ways that you can personalize a funeral and where you can find funeral services near you.

1. A Special Music Selection

Incorporating music into the funeral is a wonderful way to give the services a personal touch. Not only can music create nostalgia for the guests, but it can also help set the tone.

There will be moments where the services are somber and tranquil. For these moments, the appropriate music can be delicate instrumentals. For the reception, you might want livelier music for your guests to feel that they are at a celebration of life.

Additionally, you can also use your loved one’s favorite songs. This is a great way for your guests to feel closer to the spirit of the deceased.

2. Unique Décor

The décor is an important part of the service and it is a way to add a personal touch.

Funeral services are meant to honor and remember a loved one who has passed. Therefore, the décor of the funeral should reflect their personality and interests.

If they had a favorite sports team, a special hobby, or a specific passion, be sure to include that into the décor of the service. Perhaps they enjoyed cooking, traveling, or painting. These are all wonderful insights into who they were and are meant to be celebrated at the funeral.

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3. A Memory Log

A memory log is one of the unique ways to honor the deceased. While most people keep a guest book for people to sign their names, you can keep a book for guests to write down memories of the person who has passed.

Your guests can express how they know the person, and offer a funny or memorable anecdote about them that you didn’t know before. It can make for a wonderful keepsake for you after the services are over.

4. A Meaningful Flower Arrangement

Flowers give any funeral a classic touch. There are beautiful selections of flower arrangements for funerals and you can personalize a bouquet as you like. You can incorporate the person’s favorite flowers to give added personal touch.

Certain flowers have special symbolism and are used for funeral services.

Lilies are often used for religious customs, especially funerals. They symbolize peace for the soul as well as purity and innocence. Orchids, hyacinths, and chrysanthemums are also popular funeral flowers that hold powerful meanings.

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5. A Selection of Refreshments

The refreshments at the service should also reflect the personality and personal taste of your loved one.

You can get creative with the cuisine and the drinks by offering the person’s favorite cocktail and light snacks. You could have a sit-down dinner and service their favorite dish. You might even have a special family recipe that they created that you can serve to your guests.

6. A Personalized Keepsake

A keepsake is a small token that each guest can take with them after the funeral service as a symbol of remembrance.

These can be as personal as you would like. They should reflect the personality and interests of the deceased. Here are some creative ideas:

  • A scented candle
  • A funeral charm
  • A Christmas ornament
  • A bookmark

These will be personalized according to your family’s wishes. Feel free to get creative and have fun with this one.

7. Candles and Lanterns

Candles are a staple at funerals and they create a sense of peace and calm during the service.

Have candles available for your guests to light to honor the deceased. These also look beautiful as part of the décor.

Lighting lanterns is a special and unique way to end the service. Sending lanterns into the sky or into the water can be deeply cathartic for the guests.

8. A Memorial Structure

A physical memorial is a wonderful option to honor a loved one. It is also a place where friends and family can visit. This can be in the form of a bench, a street sign, a tree, or a plaque.

You can create an inscription with the person’s name, special dates, or a short quote.

At the funeral service, you can have friends and family donate towards this memorial. It can be a gift for all those that are mourning the person who has passed.

Personalizing Funeral Arrangements to Honor Your Loved One

Saying goodbye to a loved one means creating a service that honors their memory. That means personalizing funeral arrangements to reflect the life and accomplishments of the deceased. If you want to personalize a funeral service, remember to include music, special décor, a memory log, flower arrangements, refreshments, and a personalized keepsake.

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