Cremation Questions: Everything You Need to Know About San Diego Cremations

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, the days ahead are challenging.

At La Vista Memorial Park, let us help you honor your dearly departed’s final wishes.

If your relative expressed the desire to be cremated, you might be unsure about the process. La Vista Memorial Park offers various services to assist you during your need, including San Diego cremations. Continue reading to learn more about San Diego cremations and how La Vista Memorial Park can serve you.

San Diego Cremations

Losing someone you care about is never easy. 

At La Vista Memorial Park, cremation arrangements are dealt with care. 

If you have a large family or your loved one is well known within the community, different cremation packages are available for a customizable experience. 

Direct cremation is available in the form of a basic package. 

The heritage package offers cremation services with a viewing. Lastly, the elegant package is ideal if you wish to say your final goodbyes with viewing and service.

Let La Vista Memorial Park & Mortuary help you with your San Diego cremation needs. 

Cost of Cremation

The cost of cremation is generally less expensive than that of a full-service burial. 

La Vista Memorial Park is committed to working with every family regardless of budget. At La Vista, helping you honor your loved one in a way that is affordable and within your budget is the priority. 

If you are considering pre-planning a cremation service, be sure to look for special promotions at La Vista Memorial Park’s website. 

Talk with your funeral director for a clear idea of what to expect. Discussing your options and having a plan in place will allow for a smooth process. La Vista Memorial Park understands; losing someone you love is difficult. 

Funeral professionals are available to guide you through the cremation process and help you navigate the costs. 

Cremation Products

Depending on your preferences and the type of service, you will need a cremation casket and urn.

If you plan on having a full funeral service before cremation, renting a casket is also an option. Check with your preferred cemetery regarding any rules and regulations they may have.

You may be required to purchase a burial vault or grave liner depending on the cemetery’s requirements. Be sure to ask questions and find out if your cemetery has any headstones and grave markers requirements. 

The funeral planning and cremation process may seem overwhelming. If you need help during the decision-making process, the professionals at La Vista will be happy to lend a hand with warmth and compassion.

Cremation Process

During the cremation process, the body is in a chamber. 

The chamber is then exposed to a high level of heat, breaking down the elements and causing the body to become ashes. The process, on average, takes three hours. 

Cremation is a very personal choice, and it is essential to honor your loved one. Some religions discourage cremation, while others consider it a final method of transition.

It is essential to talk with your loved ones and identify what cremation means to them. Talking with your family will provide you with insight into whether your loved one wishes to have their ashes scattered in a particular place. 

After Cremation

After saying your final goodbyes, your loved one’s remains can be buried in a cemetery plot or interred in a columbarium.

If you have a large family and you are unsure about your relative’s final resting place, it is not uncommon for the remains to be kept in an urn.

The cremation process offers several unique ways to deal with cremated remains. If you prefer to keep your partner close to your heart, consider turning their cremated remains into jewelry.

There are several meaningful, yet unconventional ways to incorporate cremated remains. If your family member was a lover of the ocean, consider scattering their ashes at sea or embodying their remains into an artificial reef. 

For the environmentally friendly, plant urns are available that serve as a planter. There are many meaningful ways to honor your loved one following cremation. Talk with your funeral director if you need help finding a peaceful solution for your dearly departed and their final resting place. 

Benefits of Planning Ahead

Planning provides you with the most control and allows you to be self-reliant. 

If you consider pre-planning a cremation service for yourself, this will relieve your loved ones of any unnecessary financial burdens. Planning your cremation service will allow you to customize your service. You can ensure that your final wishes are carried out as you wish.

Planning provides your family protection from difficult decisions during a time of loss and grief. Pre-paying for funeral and cremation costs may allow you to lock in current prices. You and your family will gain of mind pre-planning.

There are many planning benefits. Your final wishes are documented; giving your family a clear plan to carry out.

La Vista Memorial Park

At La Vista Memorial Park & Mortuary, we promise to help you when you need it the most. 

If you are considering pre-planning your funeral arrangements, let us help you plan your legacy. If you are interested in San Diego cremations, we will be happy to provide you with knowledgeable information and guide you through every step of the process. 

Contact La Vista Memorial Park today if you are interested in learning more or if La Vista can assist you with the funeral planning process.