9 Things to Consider When Choosing a Casket

Does the task of choosing a casket sound burdening to you?

A casket is not something you buy every day. The weight it bears can become even greater if you’re doing it in the wake of a loved one’s passing. After all, a casket is the main focal point during a funeral service.

The rising cost of caskets is one of the most obvious things to consider. However, there are other important factors involved as well.
Allow us to ease your burden.

Here are 9 things that you should bear in mind when choosing the best casket:

1. Type of Casket

Wood and metal are the two common types of caskets. The kind of casket you choose will influence how much it will cost.

The different types of metal caskets are steel, bronze, and copper.

Steel caskets are less expensive than the other two. The thicker the steel is, the more expensive it becomes. Bronze and copper are your high-end choices because of their durability.

When choosing wood caskets, you can go for oak, maple, or mahogany. Other types of wood, such as pine or walnut, are also fantastic choices. You can choose various finishes, from high gloss polish to satin.

2. Where to buy

Buying a coffin from a funeral home offers the most convenience. It makes it easier for you, especially if you’re undergoing grief.

If you’re pre-planning the funeral, you have more time to choose a different store. Some stores specializing in selling caskets can offer customization options as well. You can also choose to buy online.

You don’t have to worry about the funeral home not accepting the coffin you bought elsewhere. FTC rules impose that funeral homes don’t charge you for this.

3. Casket Design

There are pre-made casket designs, and there are custom-built ones. While the latter makes it more costly, it also helps order cheap phentermine prices personalize it.

You can have a traditional casket customized by bearing a logo or artwork. Some people choose to have an image of their favorite hobby. Others prefer to have their favorite character or team displayed instead.

A casket with heavy customization must be sturdy and built from scratch. These are usually called fantasy coffins. They can choose different shapes such as a car, a guitar, or any form you want.

4. Coffin Interior

All caskets come with a cloth lining inside with a standard design.

You can personalize it by choosing a different material and color. Including embroidered symbols on the interior of a casket’s lid adds a personal touch.

Satin and velvet are the most common choices. People usually choose white or purple for the color. However, you can always go with the deceased’s favorite one.

5. Special Features

Aside from the customizations, you can also add special features. These options help to personalize it further. They add heart-warming touches to honor the departed’s memories.

Memory drawers are a great option to place mementos or messages. You can choose to have hardware installed to lift the deceased when viewed.

The way the lid opens up for viewing offers two options. You can choose either a single couch or a double couch. A single couch makes it possible for the entire lid to be open for viewing.

A memory tube can help with a casket’s identification. It allows for easy identification in case of accidents after internment.

6. Casket Cost

A casket’s design is a prime factor affecting its cost. The price includes the materials used and extra options installed. The more customized the coffin is, the more expensive it becomes.

Metal caskets cost $2,000 on average but can go higher to $10,000 or more. The caveat of handling all the details is that it can get expensive. There’s also an option to rent caskets that can cost up to $1,500 only.

It’s crucial to be straightforward and discuss your budget with your funeral director. Your set budget will help determine which particular features you can afford. You need to consider your financial status after the memorial services.

7. Rent a coffin

You might find the option of renting a coffin ludicrous at first. However, you can have a beautiful casket at a much lower cost if you rent one.

Rental caskets have a removable insert that allows more than a single usage for each. They’re also made of metal or wood and have a standard yet beautiful design. While a simple container holds the deceased, the rental makes it look like the body is in a “real” casket.

The purpose of this casket during the funeral service is for viewing only. On the memorial service and burial day, a different simple container will contain the body.

8. Casket Size

There are different casket sizes available to accommodate the variety of body sizes. Except for highly-customized caskets, you’ll have to find a size that will fit the body.

Standard caskets are usually 28 inches wide and 84 inches long. Most body size will fit the standard size. If the deceased is larger than the average person, an oversized casket gives a better option.

From infants to pre-teens, children’s caskets have several different sizes too.

9. Cemetery Requirements

The requirements in some cemeteries state that concrete vaults should enclose coffins. As time goes by, caskets deteriorate because of the weight of the dirt. Heavy machinery used to dig graves can also add to the weight.

When this happens, the ground becomes uneven. To prevent the grave from caving in, grave vaults are necessary. Caskets placed on these stable structures can help bear the weight of the earth.

Ask your cemetery about their specific vault requirements. There are green cemeteries that do not have these prerequisites, though.

Choosing the Right Casket Makes Funeral Planning Easier

People undergoing grief are more likely to buy based on emotions than logic. These 9 tips will help you choose the right casket without going overboard.

You can spare yourself from any burden if you consult with a reputable funeral home service. Contact us today, and we’ll help you plan a beautiful and memorable service.