Memorial and Burial Options

Traditional Ground Burial
Ground burial is the most popular memorialization choice for families and provides the widest variety of location possibilities. In addition, ground burial provides the most versatile memorial marker options. These options typically include upright markers, flat ground memorials, and permanent flower vases. Ground burial provides the greatest flexibility in cost since the burial site may be used for either casketed or cremated remains. Ground burial also provides families the greatest opportunity to purchase adjacent spaces for preserving family heritage.

Lawn Crypts
Lawn crypts provide traditional ground burial with a double-depth outer burial container (vaults) that allows for the burial of two casketed remains in one space. These double-depth burial spaces allow for the maximum use of burial space since multiple casketed remains share both a space and marker.


A mausoleum is a premium option in which casketed or cremated remains are placed in an above-ground structure covered in marble, granite, or travertine. La Vista Memorial Park has multiple mausoleum locations throughout our facility.




A niche is an above-ground structure or wall typically covered in granite or glass in which cremated remains within urns are placed.


Family Estates

family estates